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Tracie Yorke's career in dance began while a student at Amherst College where she received research grants to conduct ethnographic study in sociology and culture.  Her academic studies quickly brought her from 'behind the pen' and 'on to the dance floor' as she traveled and performed in countries like Cuba, Brazil, Taiwan, Guinea and Italy connecting with people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds through dance. 

In 2003, the Tracie Yorke Dance Studio in 
Lawrenceville Pittsburgh was established for delivering private lessons and developing choreography for community groups, universities and special events. 

In response to increasing inquiries and interest in ethnic, traditional and contemporary dance styles, Tracie Yorke Dance has expanded to offer dance classes, workshops, trips and products that reflect the diversity, vitality and accessibility of dance.

In 2009, Tracie closed the Lawrenceville Pittsburgh studio to welcome a new addition to her family but continues to deliver on-going classes and workshops held throughout the Pittsburgh and Washington DC area, regionally and abroad.

Rather than being about a single individual, Tracie Yorke Dance reflects an attitude and passion toward life as expressed through dance.

At Tracie Yorke Dance, we believe:

  • You should celebrate life. So stop looking in the mirrors, and dance.
  • You have an unlimited capacity for success. And we'll make sure to challenge you!
  • Now is the time. Stop waiting to share the best of yourself with others.

See you in class or at a workshop soon,


Why do you dance?
"Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another."